The very volcanic active area of Landmannalaugar is one of my favorite areas in Iceland. The landscape there is very varied from black lava sand deserts, colorful volcanic peaks to green pastures and lakes. The subjects and angles are endless and I go there often for the short period of time each year that it is accessible. Depending on snow the area usually opens in late June. This is also the time of year to shoot endless colorful skies.

Landmannalaugar and Cutton grass.
Sunrise at Bláhylur near Landmannalaugar.
Sunset over Landmannalaugar area.
Shadow figure at Landmannalaugar.
Bursting colors of sunset over Landmannalaugar.
Geothermal vent at Hverdalir near Hrafntinnusker.


Yellow Rock

The rock near Landmannalaugar themselvs is has light color opossed to the dark color found in most places in Iceland. The area is a huge caldera that once long ago erupted violently exposing the colorful rock in its middle.

Colors and patterns of Austurbarmur near Landmannalaugar.
Deep blue sky over Austurbarmur near Landmannalaugar.
Rays of sun light up the ridges of Austurbarmur near Landmannalaugar.


Green Hills

The color green is suprisingly common in the area. Green mountains stick out the the black lava sand flood plains. On a rainy day the contrast between the desolate sand and the green mountains is most obvious as the wet sand becomes pitch black and the green hills glow of vibrant green colors.

Hattfell in Fjallabak south of Landmannalaugar.
Green moss pastures near Landmannalaugar.
Dark skies over glacier river flood plains.



Among other colorful features in the Landmannalaugar area are crater lakes, lava fields, hot springs and rivers.

Glacier river comming out of Jökulgil at Landmannalaugar.
Hot spring near the ice caves of Hrafntinnusker.
Lava cones at Heklusandar.
Dark clouds and dark landscape near Vallargjá.
Ljótipollur crater lake.
Lush grass at Kýlingavatn.