Inspirational Photographers:


Micheal Anderson

Unrivalled images from the most remote regions of the world.

Chip Phillips

Light magician from the US north-west.

Vincent Favre

Master of French mountain and alpine photography.

Gallen Rowell

Late Gallen Rowell was a never resting pioneer of landscape photography.

Marc Adamus

Where no human has gone before he has photographed it with his trademark dramatic images.

Xavier Jamonet

Modern master of photography.

Art Wolfe

Legendary nature and wildlife photographer. Visited my Reykjavík gallery in 2011.

Marsel van Oosten

Wildlife expert that captures images like no other of rare moments of brilliance.


Friends Through Photography:


Kanya Hanklang

The influence from this lively person can be seen in my photographs. Happens to be my wife.

Dylan Toh

His skill in creating excellent colorful images is only matched by his efficiency in shooting them.

Christian Klepp

German scientific precision and persistence meets photography.

Lucie Debelkova

Queen of the desert with a portfolio from around every corner of the world.

Skarphéðinn “Skarpi” Þráinsson

Volcanic dare devil and a engineer turned photographer like me.

Raymond “Raymó” Hoffmann

German landscape photography wizard living in Iceland.