Landmannalaugar is known for its colorful landscape in summer. In winter this colorful landscape changes to snowy monotone scenery of hills, ridges and valleys. This image is taken during the transitional period between summer and winter.

Here in Iceland we call the winter “King Winter”. If you live in the Arctic you will know why he is called this and specially in highland places like this king winter rules with an iron fist and only for a brief period during peak of summer is he kind to the habitants of his domain.

First Morning Light, Landmannalaugar in Winter.
Sunrise at Kýlingavatn, Landmannalaugar.
Reflection in Lake Kýlingavatn, Landmannalaugar.
Snow Showers over Landmannalaugar.
Landmannalaugar in Winter.
Drifting Snow, Landmannalaugar in Winter.
Green and Frozen, Geothermal Heat in Landmannalaugar.
Crack in the Ground near Frostastaðavatn, Landmannalaugar.
Geothermally Heated Moss at Brennisteinsalda.
Early Morning Light at Svartikrókur, Landmannalaugar, Iceland.
First Morning Light, Landmannalaugar in Winter.
Soft light in Landmannalaugar in Winter.

These photos where taken on a trip with flickr member Sarah. Check out her photos from a bit warmer region of the world.

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