August 15-22

An unique opportunity to visit the remote east coast of Greenland with Arctic photographer expert and renown photography workshop leaders Jack Graham and Greg Duncan.

We will visiting remote hunting villages in fjords surrounded by steep mountains and hanging glaciers. We will experience the nature in its rawest form guided by local experts to get us there and back safely.





August 15-22


$5495 USD
This includes:

  • Photographic tutoring and guidance.
  • Double occupancy accommodation for for 9 nights including 2 nights in Reyjavík at the start and at the end of the trip incl breakfast.
  • Aiport transport in Iceland.
  • Flight from Reykjavík to Kulusuk, Greenland.
  • Transportation by boat in Greenland
  • Dinners and lunches

Not included:

  • International airfares excl. Reykjavík to Kulusuk, Greenland
  • Alcaholic beverages
  • Tips
  • What is not mentioned as included


For reservation following policies apply:
Deposit: $1000
Payment in Full: June 15th, 2016
Availability: 4/9 seats



Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson:  Mountain adventurer since his teenage years. On his many trips to the Icelandic mountains and wilderness the photographer became obsessed with capturing the raw beauty of the places he visited. Over the years he has captured Iceland’s most wild places on his camera from the colorful and never-ending midsummer arctic sunset to the inspiring displays of northern lights in winter. Runs a photo gallery in down town Reykjavík, Iceland.

Jack Graham: An professional photographer with over 23 years of experience. Jack resides near Portland Oregon, in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. For 18 years, Jack has led photo workshops in California, Wyoming, Utah, Iceland, Canada, Arizona, the Midwest as well as the Pacific Northwest. as well workshops for the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island,Washington.

Greg Duncan: Began his photography career over 22 years ago as a photojournalist. He began working closely with Jack Graham 9 years ago. He is now Jacks full time assistant. Greg is an integral part of Jack’s field workshops as a logistical consultant and teaching assistant. Greg is active in fine art print sales. His work can be seen online and is represented by Metallography (gallery) in Temecula, California


Örvar Þorgeirsson
Arctic Photo
Laugarvegur 64, 101 Reykjavík

East Greenland is remote and very sparsely populated. We use expert local guides to transport and lodge us is in this remote corner of the Arctic. Temperatures are from 5-10°C this time of year. The areas lying closer to the north Atlantic can be windy but once we go into the deep fjords calmer weather is expected. As ice and weather conditions heavily influence our presence here we will keep detailed daily itinerary flexible and rely on our local experts for advice.

We will use small speed boats to get us between places. There are not roads in Greenland so travel is done on water or in the air. We will stay in guesthouse and local huts for the trip. Last night in Greenland is in comfortable hotel Kulusuk. While in remote village our accommodation will be basic and we could have to share rooms with more than one person.

East Greenland Photo Adventures from Örvar Þorgeirsson on Vimeo.


Day 1:

Arrival in Iceland. Staying at a hotel in Reykjavík where we meet other members of the group.

Day 2-5:

Flight to from Iceland to Kuluskuk in Greenland.  We will be sailing to remote village of Tinit which is located on the shore of Sermilik ice fjord. This will be our base from where we will explore further like the Knud Rasmussen Glacier, Village of Kuummiut, Ikasartivaq fjord with its towering peaks.

The town on Tinit is the most photogenic in all of east Greenland. The ice fjord Sermilik is has huge ice bergs constantly flowing by with many smaller ones stranded on its shores.


Day 6-8:

We move our base to Tasilaq. This is the largest town on the east coast of with about 2.000 inhabitants. We will spend some time in the village but we will also explore the abandoned base of Ikateq, Mittivakkat Glacier and glaciers further beyond.


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