Fall comes early in Iceland. Mid September the vegetation starts to change color and it will last about two weeks until the end September or early October. It is not only the trees that have the interesting color but the low vegetation as well. Lava fields are perfect for shooting low vegetation in fall color as the ever green moss acts as a amplifying background that makes the small colorful leaves pop out. The lava itself is also and interesting add on.

For the last 10 days I have made a trips to the lava field almost every day after work plus a day at Þingvellir national park. Each time the mood of the weather was different. Sometimes with colorful sunsets, sometimes with dark heavy skies but always with interesting light. Here are the top 9 images from these evening outings.

Reykjanes Lava Fields

Burst of Colors near Helgafell.
Atmospheric disturbances at Reykjanes
Colorful Lava Field at Reykjanes
Cloudy Volcanic Mountains at Reykjanes
Blueberry grass fall colors at sunset. Icelandic Lava Field.
Vífilfell Lava Fields in Fall Colors

Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir National Park in Fall Colors
Lava Fields of Þingvellir National Park in Fall Colors
Evening Light Reflected in a Pond at Þingvellir National Park in Fall Colors.

4 Responses to Moods of Autumn

  • allan

    gorgeous photos! you live in such a beautiful place

  • Kim Rormark

    Simply amazing autumn colors. I know Iceland is beautifull since my last trip there, but the ability to be there at the right time when the light is best must be fantastic. I look very much forward to the Workshop in January.

  • orvaratli

    Thank you Kim. Landscape photography is all about timing natural events. I hope we can time them well in January.

  • Andrew Shaw

    I love your photos very much. Colorful but silent.