North and West Iceland

In July 2011 I ran along with Johnathan Esper from two 12 day long photo tours around Iceland. Each group had 9 clients plus us two photographers. Our ambitious plan was to go around the island including selected highland locations during these twelve days and see all the main attractions in Iceland from a photographers perspective. We circled the Island counter clockwise on both tours. Part 1 can be read here.

This 2nd part will take us from east Iceland through the north and back to Reykjavík via west Iceland. Here is a short photo essay of the locations we visited:

North-East Highlands

This is where the two tours did not have the same itinerary. Only the 2nd tour visited the higlands of the north east. On a windy day we saw some nice black desert landscapes.

Highland Sunset
Glacier River
Rounded Hill


The Waterfalls of the North-East

Numerous large waterfalls are one of the tradmark of the landscape of the north-east in the many large galcier rivers flowing north from Vatnajökull glacier.

Dettifoss Observers
Kayaker at Goðafoss


Tjörnes Puffins

At a hidden place known by Johnathan we photographed unusually shy Puffins at Tjörnes near Húsavík. Both groups where fortunate that the Puffins turned friendly just before we had to leave.

Puffin Closeup
Martin & Puffins
Puffins in Flight


Mývatn Area

Mývatn has alot to offer for the travelling photographer. We took full advantage of that and stopped at the many interesting locations in the area. This area like Jökulsárlón in my last post deserves a two rows of images.

Krafla Geothermal Details
Víti crater
Námafjall Geothermals
Námafjall Geothermals
Steaming Pile


The North

North Iceland is a vast area of rounded mountains, valleys and farms. Although we did not stop at many places here there are occasional places of interest.

Hey Bills
Ripples and Reflections
Baslat Column Lighthouse


Snæfellsnes, Northern Part

Snæfellsnes is an area we devoted almost two day for each group. The northern side is known for its steep mountains and tranquil fjords.

Tour 1 Group at Snæfellsjökull
Snæfellsnes Church


Snæfellsnes, Southern Part

The sourthern part of Snæfellsnes peninsula is known for its rugged coastline and the beautiful view of Snæfellsjökull glacier. Neither group actually saw the glacier due to cloudy conditions but there where other interesting things to photograph instead.

Snæfellsnes Lupine Church
Backlit Clouds
Búðir Church


Kerlingarfjöll Area

In the middle of the barren landscape of Kjölur in the highlands lies a hidden gem called Kerlingarfjöll. Even though the road was rough and long both groups had very successful sessions here. Again this location deserved two rows of images.

Snow Abstract
Kjölur Sunset
Hiking Bridge
Symetrical Abstract
Geothermal River
Greg at Kerlingarfjöll


Near Reykjavík

At the end of each tour we stopped at locations near Reykjavík. The area around Reykjavík has surprisingly many interesting things to photograph.

Barnafossar Sunset
Solheimar Church
Green Rocks


Final Words

I want to thank all the participants in our tours this summer and Johnathan for a great time and good photography. It was exhausting running two 12 days tours in a single month but all worth it as I brought home good memories and equally good images.

2 Responses to Iceland Summer Photo Tours 2011 – Part 2

  • Dilara

    En helt udbrenar och fantastisk bild. Har har du lyckats med allt, kompositionen, ljuset och efterbehandlingen. En san har bild tar andan ur mig!

  • Nico Scherer

    Fantastic Pictures!!!!!!
    I really like your country!
    Greetings from Stuttgart, Nico